Bass Intoxicator (BassX)


Bass Intoxicator (AKA Bass X)  creates some great Deep House and Electro tracks and dance beats. We are very excited that Bass X has committed to Sanctum Media  to deliver their great brand of big beat tracks for us here on sanctummedia.com!

Bass Intoxicator is working on some great beats, loops and dance tracks currently. If you haven’t heard their latest, you will want to check out the listing of their songs below by just clicking on the song image. Additionally, you can also hear some of the latest playlists containing Bass X songs by clicking on the playlist graphic below.

As you know, all the tracks and videos on sanctummedia.com are exclusive! You won’t find these tracks anywhere else so definitely visit us daily to hear what Bass Intoxicator and all of our other exclusive Sanctum Media artists are posting.