The Whisperbeats are back! After a hiatus the group is back ready to deliver some great new dance and pop tracks for us here at Sanctum Media. The Whisperbeats are in love with the melodic pop tracks that are popular around the globe. Once you hear them, you’ll agree they are the one and only!

The Whisperbeats are  working on new material as we write this, exclusively for Sanctum Media.  If you haven’t heard their latest, you will want to check out the listing of their songs below by just clicking on the song image. Additionally, you can hear some of the latest playlists containing their tracks by clicking on the playlist graphic below.

As you know, all the tracks and videos on sanctummedia.com are exclusive! You won’t find these tracks anywhere else so definitely visit us daily to hear what the Whisperbeats and all of our other exclusive Sanctum Media artists are posting.